After admitting to the bed-care facility in the Czech Republic, the patient is placed in the room. He is given a bed and a bedside table for personal belongings. He is familiar with the organization of the department and the nursing unit. In state healthcare facilities, standard care is usually provided in double to triple rooms. Sanitary facilities are usually part of the room and in some cases the bathroom and toilets are centrally located in the corridor. Single rooms are less common in Czech state hospitals, and their provision is more likely to provide extra care for extra costs.

Valuables and a higher amount of cash are available to the patient in a safe deposit box. The patient receives a bracelet with the name and the name of the department where he is hospitalized. The bracelets are usually white, only the patients with some allergies have red ones. After being placed on a bed, the patient is usually visited by the doctor and familiarized with the treatment and examination procedure. The nurse will provide the patient with the consent to hospitalization, the provision of information and the consent to the planned performance.

In Czech hospitals, the daily regime starts at half past six in the morning. Patients themselves or with the help of nurses perform hygiene. Subsequently, medication and breakfast are provided, followed by a doctor. A doctor in the Czech Republic indicates treatment, leads and determines therapy and diagnostics. The nurse is responsible for nursing care and patient satisfaction. The nurse has no competence to provide information about the health status and course of the patient’s treatment. In the hospital, the doctor usually visits the patient twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. Twice a week there are main medical rounds of a head physician and other doctors. These visits serve for an assessment of the patient’s condition, an evaluation of the existing treatment and consultation of the future solution. Walking patients have the opportunity to go out for walks if their state of health permits, but they must report their departure and arrival to healthcare personnel. Hospitalization in the Czech Republic is voluntary, so the patient has the right to refuse, to discontinue the treatment and to be released at any time. In this case he is informed of the risks of his decision and must sign the so-called negative reverse. Night peace is required in the hospital from 10p.m. Visits are governed by the attendance rules of that department. As a rule, visits are scheduled and recommended in the afternoon. Visits outside the specified time are possible with the approval of the head physician of the department.



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