Nursing is a separate scientific discipline focused on active search and meeting the needs of both healthy and ill. Nursing care is a set of professional activities aimed at preventing, sustaining, supporting and restoring the health of individuals, families and people with a common environment. It also includes care for incurably ill. A characteristic feature of the current nursing is the effort to provide individualized care based on the satisfaction of an individual’s needs in relation to health, or needs arising at the time of illness.

Nursing care is provided by a nursing team composed of health professionals of different levels of qualification. Their competencies are defined according to the level of education and specialization. Health establishments have developed nursing care standards that set criteria for their provision and assessment.


The current concept in the Czech Republic is aimed at using the nursing process method in the work of nursing staff. We use standard NANDA taxonomies to create nursing diagnoses. But we are still at the beginning of a complex work in the nursing process. The nursing process is included in teaching for medical students of higher education institutions and universities. In most establishments, nursing care is provided through a group care system where nurses take care of a group of patients during the shift. Some establishments also use the system of “primary nurses” or “key staff”. This nurse is responsible for planning the nursing process for the patient, but also for other patients. The entire nursing team is involved in the planned nursing process. This system is rather used in institutions with longer patient stays. For each patient, medical and nursing documentation is available. It is in written form and partly in electronic form as well. Each record in the documentation is signed by the person who made it.



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