The Czech Republic is a parliamentary republic with a system of pluralist democracy. Legislative power is implemented through elected representatives in Parliament, which has 2 chambers: the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. The executive power in the Czech Republic is divided between the president and the government. The President is elected for a period of 5 years, for a maximum of two consecutive periods. The President represents the state externally, is the supreme commander of the armed forces, appoints government, judges, members of the Bank Board and some other agents. The President can be a citizen with a voting right over the age of forty years. Currently, direct, two-round election by citizens is realized, with only two candidates with the highest number of votes cast in the second round.



The range of political parties in the Czech Republic is made up of left-wing and right-wing thinking. The nature of left-wing thinking can be defined in ideas or movements such as socialism, liberalism, humanism, and multi-culturalism, gender equality and the emphasis on environmental protection. – Representatives: the KSČM (Communist Party) and the Social Democratic Party (CSSD).

The characteristics of the right are based on the defense of property rights – an institution of private ownership, loyalty to western civilization and value conservatism – representatives of the ODS (Civil Democratic Party) and TOP 09 (the Democratic Party).

Currently, a coalition of three political parties: CSSD, KDU-CSL, and ANO is ending. It was slightly successful among the governments. GDP grew, unemployment dropped – wages grew, the state was among the safest, conditions improved for business and the existence of young families as well.

At the end of October 2017 elections were held in the Chamber of Deputies, and voters made their dissatisfaction clear. The winner of the elections in all regions and districts was the movement ANO of chairman Andrej Babis.

The survey results among Czech citizens indicate that the right is 35.4%, to the left 26.9%, and rather to the center by 27.4% of the respondents.



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