The medical team in the Czech Republic consists of doctors, nursing staff, auxiliary staff and professionals such as physiotherapists, nutrition therapists, work therapists, speech therapists, gaming specialists, spiritual chaplains etc. The nursing team consists of registered nurses, nurses and assistants.

Doctors are graduates of medical faculties: general practitioners, dentists, pharmacists. For independent work in a particular field, the physician must undergo pre-certification training and then pass an attestation exam. The education system is regulated by law.

Health Care Professionals:

Every healthcare worker must undergo law-related education. For work without professional supervision, it is necessary to study a higher education or college degree program. Currently, for example, the following fields can be studied: general nurse, midwife, laboratory assistant, radiology assistant, nutrition therapist, dental technician, dental hygienist, paramedic, pharmaceutical assistant, addictologist, clinical psychologist, clinical speech therapist …

After graduating from the secondary school program, the graduate works under the supervision of a qualified health professional in the following fields: health assistant, laboratory assistant, dental assistant, nutrition assistant.  Auxiliary healthcare professions can be qualified through several-week courses. These professions include a nursing assistant, a masseur, an ambulance driver . The law also imposes the required number of hours of theoretical and practical lessons, precisely defining the range of competencies for individual fields of health care professions. It also imposes a duty on every health care professional to be trained for life. The law also establishes conditions for the further education of health professionals by means of extension courses, specializations, etc. In some narrowly specialized fields, a particular type of extension study may be required.

Healthcare Management

In the political and economic sphere, nursing staff is represented by the head nurse of the Czech Republic who should protect their rights.

Most establishments have the following hierarchy of nursing management staff:

  • Deputy Head Nurse who is part of the top management of a particular healthcare facility and is responsible for the overall hospital care.
  • Head Nurse is responsible for the activities of the staff in one particular department (surgical, internal, cardiological …)
  • Department Nurse is responsible for the staff at a specific section of that department. He or she provides comprehensive supervision in this area, coordinates the activities of individual staff members.



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